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Whether you’re a contractor or DIY security and access control installer, your unique situation requires unique security solutions. Card access control systems have gained in popularity over recent years because of their practicality, ease-of-use, and effectiveness in guarding various types of locations against unauthorized access. From office buildings to warehouses, government facilities to private residences, card access systems are a cost-effective solution to a variety of security needs.

At Carolina Datacom, we carry access control cables in bulk for those who need to build security systems into any location. Our selections of composite access control cable come in 1,000 foot wooden spools in the following options:

  • ADC 9940 Plenum Rated Access Control Wire (Yellow w/ 18/4 NS, 22/4 NS, 22/2 NS, 22/6 FS)
  • ADC 9950 PVC Access Control Wire (Green w/ 18/4 NS, 22/4 NS, 22/2 NS, 22/6 FS)

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